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1 – Dust
2 – Fire Prevention
3 – Dry Ice Blasting
4 – Concrete Floor Polishing
8 – Overhead Clean & Paint


Introducing Our New Service:


Surface Maintenance Services is pleased to add Concrete Floor Polishing to our list of services. The advantages of polishing far exceed epoxy coatings and the results are amazing.

A few steps are all it takes to transform your cracked, worn concrete floor into a beautiful, dust-free, and slip-resistant polished concrete floor.

Not only is the result beautiful, but the floor is strengthened, increases wear resistance and lasts 8-10 years longer than epoxy coatings.

There is no downtime. No curing is necessary as with epoxy coatings. Your company will not lose valuable revenue due to a two- or three-day shutdown. Maintenance is minimal. The floor does not require waxing whereas epoxy coatings require frequent waxing.

The number one cause of epoxy or other concrete coating’s failure to endure is a hydrostatic pressure that builds up under the coating. This moisture build-up can cause peeling and flaking. Concrete needs to breathe. This allows moisture to escape.

SURFACE MAINTENANCE SERVICES will give you a complete detailed estimate, based on the size and condition of your concrete floors.

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