About Us


Established in 1978, Surface Maintenance Services has been providing our Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin customers with professional interior and exterior cleaning, painting, and restoration services for over a quarter of a century!!!


Our Philosophy

The Surface Maintenance Services team strives for safety, customer satisfaction, and success (in order of importance) for all of its commercial, industrial, and institutional customers.

Safety is the most important component of every job. We make it our #1 priority to keep your employees, the general public, your property, and our workers safe. We are proud of our excellent safety record. Our cleaners/painters are trained, certified, and licensed to operate swing stages, all types of scissor lifts and booms articulating and straight stick), paint sprayers, and pressure washers. Surface Maintenance Services is fully insured.

Customer Satisfaction is extremely important; in fact, we strive to exceed our customer expectations. Our work is done on time, working around your schedule, and is completed per contract specifications. No job is complete without a job inspection with you the customer, and/or a follow-up phone call. If for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with the completed interior/exterior cleaning, painting, and/or restoration services, we will return within one day to make any additional changes/corrections. The result is that a high percentage of our annual sales come from repeat business. Today’s customers have high expectations and Surface Maintenance Services delivers.

Success allows our company to grow in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. When we are successful, we can continuously improve our employee training, maintain our equipment, as well as purchase new equipment to keep up with the ever-changing industry.